Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ssh secure distant shell

I've not used this yet. It's time I learn how it works. with help from this Ubuntu guide.
to install the server:
sudo apt-get install ssh
then use the client to connect:
ssh user@localhost
enter your password if needed. Et voilà you are connected to localhost, not very interesting. How can you connect remotely from a windows machine?
How do you go arround with the rsa or dsa keys and stuff? see how-to.
On windows you can use the wonderfull program putty to connect to a linux distant ssh server. You can also use winscp, a sort of secure ftp programm.
With putty, you can tunnel the vnc trafic through ssh. using the ssh tunnel on port 5900. Here is a howto. for tightVNC.
I mannaged to connect to a remote linux machine running vncserver. I want to do the oposite: connect from the linux machine to a windows machine running ssh on cygwin. Don't forget to stop the vnc process on linux, so that the port 5900 is free.
The magic formula to create a tunnel:
ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 windowsuser@host
Then start VNC localhost on linux, there you are :)

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