Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Installing Ubuntu server on KVM virtual machine

In the previous post, I tested the usage of Xubuntu on a virtual machine.

Today I installed Ubuntu server edition on a virtual machine. The 64 bit edition won't install on the virtual machine. By dowloading the 32 bit version , I could install a server on the virtual machine. Command:
kvm -m 750 -cdrom ../Downloads/ubuntu-9.10-server-i386.iso -boot d ubuntu-server.img
It installed fine, and I added the 2 options to install a LAMP server and a Postgreesql database.
After installation, I restarted the new system with the command:
kvm -no-acpi -m 700 ubuntu-server.img
[edit] The -no-acpi flag is to disable acpi. I used the command from a how-to done by a guy who wanted to avoid a kernel panic on an Ubuntu 7.10, but in ubuntu 9.10 acpi works well. So I can start the server with:
kvm -m 700 ubuntu-server.img

Starting Ubuntu-Server on KVM Virtual Machine

Next step would be to access the http server from outside the virtual machine. For this I probably need to set a public bridge.

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