Monday, May 30, 2011

Video editing with PiTiVi

I'm trying PiTiVi under Ubuntu Linux.
The goal is to edit a screencast, a video recording of my screen output and to add a background music.
I have the original video in AVI format from windows, that is
Saving, export formats of the video to the same format doesn't produce good results.
I tried saving with ogg format and got better results.
I have to figure out which ogg codec is better suited for my needs.

Multi layer editing
To unlink sources, select one or more sources. If it is linked, the unlink tool will become active. Clicking the unlink tool will break the link between it and any sources to which it is linked. If the sources to which it is linked are in turn linked to other sources, they're links will be left intact (unless they too are in the current selection).
I edited the audio with audacity, removed some noise and cracks. I'm now trying to insert the audio back in the video file.

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