Sunday, February 12, 2012

Installing Cormas Agent based modelling on Ubuntu Linux + Wine

Cormas is an agent based modeling tool developed by CIRAD. I downloaded both cormas zipped folder and the version of visual works which they ship on the cormas website. I unzipped them in a folder used by wine as"C:" drive: /home/username/.wine/drive_c/Paul/vw7.6nc/Cormas Then I followed the Cormas instructions mentioned in the presentation here.

From this Ubuntu Forum, I know you can get a dos prompt in wine by typing
wine cmd
I went to the directory
cd C:\Paul\vw7.6nc\bin\win
 and started the Visual Work executable vwnt.exe calling the file
vwnt.exe C:\Paul\vw7.6nc\cormas\
And Visual Work worked!

But I didn't manage to load the cormas parcel (as explained in the presentation mentioned above). I needed to change Visual Works home directory by going in the file menu, "set VisualWorks home"  screen-shot below:

I still couldn't load it from the menu "System/Load parcels named" but I could load it from the menu "System/parcel manager", then load file:

It seems to work well. The Cormas parcel loads and I can see a Cormas option in Visual Works' tool menu:

The instructions tell me to save the cormas image (file/save image as). the version of Cormas I installed is from 2008 "VERSION : cormas2008 v. lundi 31 mars 2008 - 18:09:10." Now It should be ready to run a model.

I wonder if Visual Works 7.6 can run directly on Linux, without using wine.

I downloaded the game of live model from the cormas web page. And unzipped it in the forlder /Cormas/Models, then opened if from the menu file/load from ST. And after following the presentation tutorial this is what I got:

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