Friday, October 25, 2013

Why R

R is an open source statistical software. Many package enable statistical data analysis.

Task views

 R in the field of forest and environmental economics:


In the press

"R first appeared in 1996, when the statistics professors Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman of the University of Auckland in New Zealand released the code as a free software package. [...] Some statisticians who took an early look at the software considered it rough around the edges. But despite its shortcomings, R immediately gained a following with people who saw the possibilities in customizing the free software. "
Examples of R usage by David Smith:
  • R is used frequently by The New York Times to produce consistently great infographics.
  • Google uses R to calculate the ROI on advertising campaigns.


Stanford university offers a course on Machine Learning in R.

Code golf

R performed quite well in a decimal to roman number conversion challenge. R code is shorter than python or perl implementation but longer than common lisp. 

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