Thursday, December 26, 2013

Python-pandas importing a data frame from MySQL

I wanted to load tables from a mysql database and to run analyses on them. Had already done some analysis on R, but wanted to make them portable to a website, and thought that python would be better suited for that. The version of pandas currently shipped with Ubuntu is outdated 0.7. I had to use another method to get a newer version. Pandas source code is currently hosted on GitHub at: 
After a
    sudo apt-get install python-pip 
 I installed pandas via ``pip``::
    pip install --upgrade pandas 
Still my script with
    dtf ="SELECT * FROM Table", db) 
was returning an error, expecting list got tuple.
And  pandas.__version__ was still at 0.7.0.
I uninstalled the python-pandas package.:
    sudo apt-get remove python-pandas
And ran again
    sudo pip install pandas
After that, was working as expected.
And dtf.head() showed me a proper vue of the table.
Columns can be selected with dtf.columnname or dtf['columnname'].

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