Friday, January 24, 2014

Add a table of content to HTML files generated from R Markdown

Update November 2014

With the new version of knitr and Rmarkdown, the custom function is not necessary anymore. One can add a yaml at the beginning of a Rmd file:
title: "Development scrap concerning the input data"
    toc: true

Old content from January 2014

Knitr creator Yihui explained in a comment on this forum how to add a table of content to a Rmd file using the knit2html() function:
knit2html('docs/clean.example.Rmd', options = c('toc', markdown::markdownHTMLOptions(TRUE)))
I followed the RSTUDIO advice on how to customize markdown rendering.
A .Rprofile  at the root of my project directory with the following content does the tric:
options(rstudio.markdownToHTML =
  function(inputFile, outputFile) {     
    htmlOptions <- defaults="TRUE)<br" markdownhtmloptions="">    htmlOptions <- br="" c="" htmloptions="" toc="">    markdownToHTML(inputFile, outputFile, options = htmlOptions)
I works, I can now use the RStudio button "knit html" or the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+H and get an html file that includes a table of content!

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