Monday, January 12, 2015

Debian GNU-Linux installation on a HP EliteBook

A nice laptop provided by my employer, although the name "EliteBook" sounds like marketing rubbish. My colleague installed Debian 8 on the system, as a dual boot with windows 8.
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Multi boot

The system is a dual boot with Windows. Debian was installed with a traditional - non UEFI - boot loader. Therfore  I have to press F9 each time I want to start Debian. This remains a minor annoyance since I usually restart only every 2 weeks or so (often when the battery has fully drained after a trip). On ordinary days, I put the system in sleep mode in the evening and it awakens in Debian again in the morning.

HP boot instruction didn't work to change the boot order.


The Debian language was set to French, change back to English.
Reconfigure locales:
As root, run :
dpkg-reconfigure locale

User privileges

as a super user
apt-get install sudo
Add a user to the super user group
adduser username sudo
Log out and log back in for this change to take effect. Now the user should be in the sudo group.

Wireless card

To use the intel non free wireless drivers iwlwifi, in the synapticpackage manager settings / repositories, add "main contrib non-free" to the sections of Jessie packages. Then install firmware-iwlwifi.
In a terminal, restart the modules
 modprobe -r iwlwifi ; modprobe iwlwifi 

Wireless network Eduroam

security: WPA & WPA2 entreprise
Authentication: Tunneled TLS
CA certificate: /etc/ssl/certs/addtrust_external_root.pem
Inner authentication: PAP
Password: ******

Email and calendar with Evolution

I configured email. I use 2 step authentication and had to generate an application password to load events from my private Google calendar. To add a public Google calendar, I added an "on the web calendar" and inserted the ical link for that public calendar.

Under Edit / Preferences / Contacts / Automatic contacts / I selected to create an automatic contact when sending an email.

R and R studio

Since a previous post on R in Debian, I have changed Debian version from Wheezy to Jessie. Luckily, Jessie contains a recent version of R,I don't need to add the Cran repositories anymore.

Installed Rstudio.

Installed the folowing packages (at a R prompt or in RStudio):
install.packages(c("plyr", "reshape2", "ggplot2"))
install.packages(c("xtable", "markdown", "devtools"))
Install RmySQL, requires mysql development library. At the Shell:
sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev
In R :
Installing R package xlsx requires the java development kit. In the system shell:
sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk
sudo R CMD javareconf
Then in R:

Firefox rebranded as iceweasel  + Adblock plus

Installed adblock plus.

Installed icedove to access outlook email backup

See my previous post on accessing outlook email archive from Debian.

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