Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gauss commands

Comments begin "/*" end "*/" or begin "@" end "@"

    /* Comments */
    @ Comments @

Change working directory:


Load data 
The filename can be either a literal or a string. If the filename is in a string variable, then the ^ (caret) operator must precede the name of the string, as in:

    filestr = "data/filename.txt";
    loadm x = ^filestr;

Run a script 

    run file_name;

Indexing matrices
See help aptech.com.gauss.13.0/doc/LF.6-DataTypes.html
The statement

    y = x[1:3,5:8];

Will put the intersection of the first three rows and the 
fifth through eighth columns of x into the matrix y.


plotXY(datax[.,1], datax[.,2:cols(datax)]) 
plotXY(datay[.,1], datay[.,2:cols(datay)])

Gauss resources

Basic GAUSS workshop 2002
Aptech Tutorial, running a program file

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