Monday, January 25, 2016

A year on Debian

Inspired by other users seen on the Linux setup. I switched my work computer to Debian GNU/Linux in January 2015. I used the Jessie version which was "unstable" at the time. It became "stable" in april 2015 and I think the adjective is deserved. I'm happy.

I mostly use the R statistical software, the iceweasel web browser, the Lyx editor, the reference manager Jabref and the Evolution mail and calendar program. I learned a lot by using git (file revision system) and databases through the command line. I sometimes use vim to edit text files and I use the RStudio editor in Vim mode. I also use the Libre office Calc, Writer and Draw software.

As long as you stick with what is in the huge Debian package repository, software updates are easy. If you need programs updated very recently (in the last months), installation can become tricky. Although it mostly involves adding new software repositories or installing .deb files directly. For example I managed to install the proprietary statistical software STATA.

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