Monday, September 05, 2005

Samba on Ubuntu linux

SMB how to list shares available on a host :
smbclient -L host
Then connect to a shared folder on a host, in my case:
smbclient \\\\freebox\\Disque\ dur
Then under pcmanfm (my file browser) I can access it at the addess
smb://freebox/Disque dur

Sometimes the file browser complains that the folder is not mounted.

According to this question cifs utils should now be used to mount a smb drive:
sudo mount -t cifs //server_name/ samba/ -o rw
Maybe this is what my file browser does in the background when I ask it to got the the smb:// address?

Old content from my 2005 blog post :
I found some interesting samba config on this forum (link not available anymore)
I also used VNC-viewer to see the desktop from a windows machine.

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