Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jmulti over wine on Linux

Jmulti is a Java based time series analysis software. Unfortunately the Linux version is not maintained any more. I installed wine in the hope to use Jmulti on top of wine. I downloaded the executable “jmultiVM_win-4.24.exe” which is said to contain the Java virtual machine. Then I ran “wine jmultiVM_win-4.24.exe”. Install complains about “InvokeShellLinker failed to extract icon from L"C:\\jmulti4\\jmulti.exe" “ but installation is successful nevertheless.

To start jmulti go to the newly created directory
cd ~/.wine/drive_c/jmulti4/  
 wine jmulti.exe

Black screen issue

Jmulti starts but I have black areas in menu. Rmathew explains how to remove DirectX-based acceleration for Java 2D completely.  Looking for a registry key like:
and setting the value of "DXAcceleration" to "0" fixes it.

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