Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I miss the iceweasel logo


Iceweasel was a re-branding of Firefox introduced by Debian because of license issue. The issue was solved in 2016, as explained in this bug report renaming Iceweasel to Firefox:
= About branding =
Mozilla & Debian both acknowledge that the branding issue mentioned in
bug 354622 is no longer relevant.
The Firefox logo was released under a free copyright license which
matches the DFSG.
As PhilGil wrote on the Debian Forum :
"I'll miss Iceweasel too, but eliminating the rebranding will free up the Mozilla team for more important work and maybe allow them to push out updates in a more timely manner."
A far more detailed article: The end of the Iceweasel Age.
"In essence, then, the logo-licensing problem, the trademark-usage incompatibility, and the patch-maintenance problem have all been resolved, so, Ledru said, Debian could return to the Firefox branding."
Note the patch maintenance problem was solved thanks to the Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release).

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